Ho Chi Minh City lures over US$6 billion in FDI ten months

Accordingly, new investment licenses were granted to 1,046 projects, with a total registered capital of over US$1.07 billion.

There were 945 projects with 100% foreign capital (US$831.9 million) , 97 joint ventures (US$234.8 million) and four projects under business cooperation contracts (US$1.4 million).

Singapore topped the list of investors into the City, with 139 projects worth a total US$324 million.

British Virgin Islands was the second largest investor with 13 projects worth a total US$179.4 million, followed by the Republic of Korea with an investment capital of US$171.9 million from 214 projects.

In addition, 256 projects were adjusted in investment capital with an increase of US$717.6 million.

The City also approved 4,694 cases of foreign investors registering to contribute capital, buy shares and buy contributed capital of domestic enterprises with a total equivalent registered capital of US$4.39 billion.

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