Wildlife protection awareness improves in Vietnam

More than 500 wild animals were rescued in 2018 as awareness about nature increases, according to the Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV).


Pangolin soaked in spirit was seized in Haiphong

Increasing numbers of people have actively researched wildlife and ceased using products made from animals.

In 2018, the ENV received 819 reports from the locals via its hotline and successfully dealt with 65.5% of the cases, an increase of 48% compared to 2017. On average, they received 3.3 reports each day via the hotline. Many people also donated 67 wild animals they caught to rescue centres.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, deputy director of ENV said, “We are all glad at the results and efforts of everyone who helped prevent wildlife crimes. We hope to be the bridge connecting locals and authorities when dealing with such cases or when someone wants to donate wild animals.”

According to ENV, 64 percent of the violations are illegal advertising and trading of wildlife species or products made from wild animals. The animals and products were put on display right at the restaurants or publicly on the internet. Last year, ENV discovered nearly 800 cases on the internet with over 1,200 suspicious links.

In early September 2018, the police in Ba Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa Province, seized a bottle of spirit with soaked bear paws after it was advertised on the internet. Two men who were the bottle’s owners were arrested in Phu Tho Province a week later.

Many animals are still being in captive in Vietnam. Products and body parts of monkeys, turtles, bears and tigers are widely used and advertised.

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