Unique gold products go on sale to mark God of Wealth Day

To meet the increased demand for gold, many gold companies across the country have prepared a variety of products in different shapes and sizes. DOJI Gold and Gems Group have launched their Wealth and Prosperity Red Envelope product made of 24k gold. (Photo: Kinh Te & Tieu Dung) A 24k gold coin can weigh between 4.5 grams to 18.75 grams. DOJI also offers products inscribed with an image of the God of Wealth. (Photo: Kinh Te & Tieu Dung) Phu Quy Gold Group has launched figurine sets of 24k gold zodiac animals, in total, all 12 animals are featured. (Photo: Phu Quy) They also have gold coins inscribed with images to mark the Year of the Pig. (Photo: Phu Quy) Sai Gon Jewelry Company Limited (SJC) also showcased their range of 3D figurine sets including Phuc (Happiness), Loc (Prosperity) and Tho (Longevity) with each weighing 22.5 grams. (Photo: SJC) They also have 2D pig figurines weighing 3.75 grams. (Photo: SJC) The 24k gold pig products are expected to be a best seller. (Photo: DOJI) Bao Tin Minh Chau Gold and Jewellery JSC also launched unique products to mark the occasion. (Photo: BTMC) This year, the God of Wealth Day coincides with Valentine’s Day on February 14. As a result, a number of gold companies are offering a broad range of special products for couples including necklaces and bracelets featuring images of pigs.

unique gold products go on sale to mark god of wealth day hinh 1

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