Thousands of Consumers Flock to Hanoi Kingdom of Gold on God of Wealth Season

According to the revelations from some gold companies, in recent days, there have been thousands of consumers from other provinces like Thai Nguyen, Hoa Binh, Bac Kan, etc going to Hanoi to buy gold jewelries and bars to wish for luck on the God of Wealth day. 

So far, it is not sure whether buying gold on this day will surely bring luck and wealth or not but this consumer frenzy has brought about the chances to earn huge amount of money for the gold companies.

PNJ last year announced that at the end of the God of Wealth season, the company sold to the market about 169,000 gold products related to God of Wealth in the God of Wealth season 2018; getting the revenue of equivalent to VND 750 billion. 

Similarly, Doji also announced the huge business results related to the God of Wealth day. In the God of Wealth day in 2018, 260,000 gold products was sold and brought in the huge revenue for the company.

Bao Tin Minh Chau and SJC Sai Gon also reported that the God of Wealth gold products are sold very well, the sales surged many times compared to the normal business days. This God of Wealth season, all gold companies prepared much bigger amount of gold products sold to the market. 

The God of Wealth products are not sold at low prices. In big companies, they can be sold at the price range of $100 to more than $170 per product with 24k gold. For the less quality gold, the price fluctuate from $50 to less than $90. 

Not just the big gold companies join the competition for attracting superstitious consumers. The search on Google for God of Wealth produces at least 100,000 results. Among those, God of Wealth products have so many varieties, ranging from cheap to expensive ones. 

For people who only care for the products which match their interest of feng shui, they can buy the $20 to $40 products. Those products are advertised to be made from 24k gold, which is the highest quality gold in current standard. 

However, from the opinions of some gold specialists, if the products are really made from 24k gold, they cannot be sold at such prices and vice versa. There might be certain exaggeration in their advertisements about the products. Thus the consumers must really take caution about the products they buy, not to be fooled by the bad sellers. 

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