Thousands flock to Vieng Market to pray for luck

Vieng Market in Vu Ban district of Nam Dinh province opens on the evening of the seventh day of the first month of the Lunar New Year. February 11 usually sees large crowds flock to the market. Those driving close to the main gates of Vieng Market at 8:30pm on February 11 are confronted by severe congestion. Traffic jams were still clogging up the streets around the market at 9:30pm. The art stall featuring bronze ornaments proved to be popular with customers. Lighters, gold coins, and salt were among the most popular items on sale at the market. Many believe that salt helps to bring luck during the new year with many purchasing it in the first few days of the Lunar New Year. Visitors to Vieng Market come to buy items that bring luck, or fight off misfortune, with many simply praying for a prosperous and lucky new year ahead. Although there a range of items on sale, it is very challenging to find a bargain here. A young couple buys a basket filled with orchids. A woman looks delighted after purchasing a bonsai tree. The influx of people into the market makes movement difficult, with many visitors unable to get into Vieng Market.  

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