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The NYFW Shows Paris Hilton, Mickey Rourke, and Dorinda Medley Just Had To Go To

While most of NYC has embraced the Marie Kondo way of life, discarding all excess to pare down to a life of simplicity, at the Seagram Building’s The Grill, where the Philipp Plein’s latest collections were shown, excess was in, well, excess.

Billionaire, the name of this year’s Plein extravaganza was a black tie event complete with a three course dinner for New York Fashion Week’s most well dressed and most beautiful. The start of the evening was a sort of homage to The Great Gatsby, with a jazz band playing while fur, velvet, and bedazzled attendees made their way into the venue.

The New York Post reported that a rumored appearance by Kanye West had been canceled after Plein wired a $1 million fee to someone who claimed to be representing West, but who was a conman.

The first of the two shows was all menswear with a parade of ruggedly handsome models dressed in a modern interpretation of Clark Gable-worthy ensembles with tan suits of velvet, silk smoking robes, alligator jackets, and fur coats that would have made a 1930s collegiate dandy proud.

The next collection was something at the intersection between Nudie Cohn and Ed Hardy. Fringe was everywhere from skirts to t-shirt to jackets, it was paired with neon, studded leather, and items were heavily bedazzled, it was a western influenced spectacle of layers of adornment.

In lieu of West, Lil Pump graced the runway and then went straight to the stage where he performed the song “I Love It,” while Paris Hilton danced to the lyrics “you’re such a f*in’ ho, I love it” and blew kisses to the audience.—Sarah Shears