Second international hot-air balloon festival opens in Moc Chau

    Locals have been hard at work making preparations for the opening ceremony of the festival.

Representatives of Moc Chau’s district People’s Committee presented flowers to pilots of the balloons ahead of their launch to wish them a safe flight In total, there are nearly 10 hot-air balloons on display at the festival from local and foreign teams An array of colourful hot-air balloons prepare to launch Team members make last minute preparations or their flights   There are a few different maneuvers that hot air balloons make including their flight performance and hanging in the air.   The festival coincides with Valentine’s Day, attracting young couples wishing to take the opportunity of scenic displays in the skies to take wedding photos Visitors from different regions experience flying inside a hot-air balloon Foreign visitors enjoy the festival. Some people chose to dress in the traditional costumes of the ethnic people of Moc Chau The fire brigade was on hand to deal with all eventualities. Security forces were also on duty to secure the event.

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