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North Korea prison camp survivor: ‘Am I a Christian? Yes. I love Jesus. But I deny it’

North Korea took her name, stripped her clothes and shaved her hair. But there was one thing they couldn’t take from “Prisoner 42”: her faith in Jesus.

She survived what seemed like a death sentence after fleeing to China during a famine to feed her family. Watchdog organization Open Doors USA estimates she was one of 250,000 imprisoned North Koreans—50,000 of whom are political prisoners jailed for their Christian faith. She spent one year in solitary confinement and was released after two years of hard labor.

North Korea has been the No. 1 persecutor of Christians on the group’s annual list for 18 years now. Open Doors was hopeful that diplomatic efforts — including the 2018 Winter Olympics and the Trump-Kim summit — would mean easing pressure and violence against Christians. But that has not been the case.

Christ followers are still seen as a “threat” to the Kim family’s ideology and