Graffiti stain Hanoi’s houses during Tet

Residents in Hanoi’s Au Co and Nghi Tam streets are complaining about their walls received large amounts of graffiti during the Tet holiday.

Graffiti is making people angry on many streets in the capital yet local authorities said they face challenges in dealing with offenders.

In Tay Ho District, thousands of the unwanted drawings painting on the two-kilometre dyke along Au Co and Nghi Tam streets had been cleared before Tet.

However, the houses of hundreds of families had been stained with the drawings during the holiday.

Graffiti seen on the door of some shops on Au Co Street

According to a local man, Nguyen Tien Hoai in Au Co Street, almost all the houses along the street suffered as the works were painted at night or early in the morning.

“I once saw two foreign men drawing on the door of our neighbour’s house,” Hoai said. “I chased them away but then sneakily came back to finish their work.”

Another resident, Le Cam Tu, said that on the Lunar New Year Eve when their family were preparing a party, they smelled the paint and came out to see their door full of graffiti.

“Our security camera showed that a foreign man did the drawings,” she said.

Power poles and public walls were also covered in graffiti of different styles.


Chairman of Yen Phu Ward People’s Committee, Hoang Xuan Sang said that they had sent a team to clear all graffiti drawings which were mostly painted by foreign people before the Tet holiday but they appeared again shortly after that.

“Most of them were done late at night so it is difficult to catch the painter,” Sang said. “We had detained two foreign men but just to give warning. We’ve sent a report to the Department of Culture and Sports and asked for a better solution to this problem.”

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