Gold Lovers’s Frenzy on God of Wealth Day

Legend has it that the God of Wealth will return to the Heaven on this day, that is why so many people flocking to buy gold then praying for wealth and luck. 

This year, the God of Wealth day falls on Valentine’s day, so many men want to buy gold products as souvenirs for their beloved women. Photo: Diep Nguyen

Gold companies send out so many supporting stafft to help customers. Gold companies also provide free parking spaces, free snacks and water for customers going to buy gold. Photo: Diep Nguyen

However, the flow of customers mainly goes into the big companies’ stores. The other store are very empty though the store owners make big efforts to attract customers. The below photo was captured on Tran Nhan Tong street this morning around 9am. Photo: Diep Nguyen

All kinds of promotions were used to attract customers. But mainly big gold companies can afford those. Photo: Diep Nguyen

Some companies launch the promotion programs in the forms like: customers can enjoy free gold production fee or join in the lottery programs run by the gold companies to win many attractive products. Photo: Diep Nguyen

 The emptiness of outside the stores of some gold companies. In the latest God of Wealth season, the big companies sold to the market several thousands of gold products, this number at small companies is very minimal. Photo: Diep Nguyen


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