Dat Lat faces hotel room shortage during Tet

The Central Highlands city of Da Lat has seen a sharp rise in tourists during Tet, leading to a shortage of hotel room and guesthouses. 

The number of tourists to Da Lat surged during the Lunar New Year to avoid the hot weather.  

Many people from the neighbouring localities drove motorbikes to the city but failed to book accommodation, even homestay service or guesthouses. As a result, they had to set up tents by Xuan Huong Lake to sleep overnight. Some groups of young people lit fires by the lake to keep warm. 


Da Lat City centre. Photo by Baolamdong

Some families slept right in their cars when they couldn’t book rooms.

Da Lat is now home to 1,400 hotels and guesthouses but hasn’t been sufficient during peak periods.

This Lunar New Year, many roads in the city’s centre areas saw traffic congestion. Local authorities even banned cars with more than 16 seats going through Prenne Pass, but the pass was still jammed at rush hours on February 7-10.

The municipal Department of Police had to arrange staff to ensure traffic flows.

Meanwhile, many local restaurants were also crowded. Guests often had to wait for quite long for being served.

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