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Boat racing festival in Hue welcomes new year

During the festival, people prayed for good luck, happiness, good weather, and a bumper crop during the year ahead. Thousands of Hue locals mingled with visitors as spectators gathered in Huong Thuy district to watch the traditional boat race. This year, the event attracted the participation of more than 300 rowers from a range of different towns and communes. Each boat offered incense to pray for good fortune in the race. Thanks to the good weather, thousands of people were able to line the riverbanks to cheer on the competitors. A small national flag flies on the bow of a competing boat. The annual boat race is one of the most popular and entertaining activities of the new year. For many people, it is also an important feature of their cultural and spiritual life. Amid the jubilant atmosphere of the event and the shouts of encouragement from spectators, participants enthusiastically row hard. The winning team will be awarded a pig to mark the Lunar Year of the Pig.

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