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A good 2019 will be motivation for Tokyo Olympics, says Neeraj Chopra

Commonwealth Games and Asian Games gold medallist Neeraj Chopra is entering an 18-month period where he will participate in the Asian Championships, the World Championships — both at Doha this year and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Following the two golds in 2018, the expectations of the javelin thrower finishing on the podium will be high. Chopra, himself, believes that doing well this year will give him the boost he needs in an Olympic year.

“This year is important and next year is the Olympics. So the focus is on this year and the next year. If I focus well this year and do well then it will be motivation for the next year too for the Olympics. I have the Diamond Leagues and the World Championships this year, so it is a good opportunity to do well. If I perform well this year, there will be motivation for the Tokyo Olympics,” Chopra said from Potchefstroom.

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The star javelin thrower said that he was satisfied with being at an overseas camp where he could focus uninterrupted. “It is good to have a long camp like we have now. We are at one place for two to three months and that helps. Else it becomes difficult if one has to travel from one place to another.”


Chopra said that he was focusing on strength training and technical aspects. “Training is going on well so it is good. I am focusing on strength training and technical side. When the season opens let us see how I do in competitions.” Talking about the injury he has had since the Rio Olympics, Chopra said: I am much better now with exercise and rehabilitation.”