38 left injured as coach crashes into houses in Nha Trang

The accident occurred at 6:00 in the morning as a passenger coach, driven by Dao Ngoc Thang, was heading southwards on National Highway 1. The driver of the coach lost control of the vehicle, causing the coach to veer into houses in Cat Loi village, Vinh Luong commune. According to eyewitnesses at the scene, they heard a big sound and shouts from passengers. “Tens of bloody victims climbed out from the coach’s windows”, said an eyewitness. According to the city’s police, one of the rear tyres from the coach blew out, causing the accident. The 38 injured passengers were transferred to hospital for treatment, no fatalities have so far been reported. At the scene, two houses were partly damaged. Luckily, no one was inside the houses at the moment of the crash. Local authorities were forced to use a crane to lift the vehicle from the scene. According to a passenger, before the accident, the driver filled up the coach at a petrol station. Ten minutes later, the vehicle began to shake and flipped over, he added. After receiving reports of the incident, local police arrived at the scene to investigate further. According to Khanh Hoa General Hospital, three of the passengers suffered severe injuries and needed to undergo emergency surgeries. Other passengers suffered broken legs and hands, as well as other minor injuries. A patient said in the build up to the accident the driver was forced to repeatedly stop along the road to repair the vehicle.

38 left injured as coach crashes into houses in nha trang hinh 1

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