Readers donate VND245m to needy people in Nghe An

Dantri/DTiNews has transferred nearly VND245m (USD10,500) in readers’ donation to support three families in Nghe An Province.


Dantri transferred VND31,530,000 (USD1,400) to the family of Tran Thi Xuan

The Dantri representative and the authorities of Bao Thanh Commune visited and transferred VND31,530,000 (USD1,400) to the family of Tran Thi Xuan. Xuan’s husband was a guest worker in Russia but died in a traffic accident. The family was deep in debt in order to pay for his fees to work in Russia and the fees to bring his body home.

Unfortunately, Xuan was diagnosed with uterine fibroid and kidney stones and she still needs to take care of two children. After going through three operations, her health deteriorates quickly and the debts grew to over VND60m.

Xuan thanked the donors when she received the donation. “I do my best to raise my children. Thanks to everyone that our life has got better,” Xuan said.


To Viet Thang receives the donation

The Dantri representative and Tran Khanh Tung, chairman of Minh Thanh Commune, continued visiting and transferring VND143,340,000 (USD6,100) to To Viet Thang whose wife died suddenly, leaving behind four children. Meanwhile, their family was also in huge debt after Thang was diagnosed with syringomyelia, a rare disorder in which a cyst forms within the spinal cord.

Tung thanked the donors and Dantri for helping disadvantaged cases in the area.

He said, “On the behalf of the communal authorities, I want to thank everyone. For years, Dantri has helped many poor households in Nghe An to have a better life.”


Ho Thi Hoa in Nghe An receives the donation

On the same day, a VND70,080,000 (USD3,000) donation also came to the family of Ho Thi Hoa. Hoa is a breast cancer and stomach cancer survivor, but since then, she became too weak to work and nearly bed-bound. Her daughter, who is in 10th grade has to shoulder everything and might have to drop out of school.

Hoa was moved upon receiving the donation and said she only felt scared for her child.

“It is thanks to everyone that I can buy medicine. But I fear for my daughter. I don’t know what will happen to her if I die,” she said.

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