Khuc Thua Du temple – a national historical relic in Hai Duong province

The temple worshipping national hero Khuc Thua Du is a beautiful attraction in Ninh Giang district, Hai Duong province. Situated next to the Luoc river, the national historical relic reflects the Vietnamese spirit of “remembering the source of the water we drink”.


Khuc Thua Du temple is in Kien Quoc commune, Ninh Giang district

From a chief villager of what is now Cuc Bo village, Khuc Thua Du rose to power in the early 10th century after defeating northern invaders, laying the first foundation for Vietnam’s independence.

After his death in July, 907, his son Khuc Hao and his grandson Khuc Thua My continued his effort to defend independence and strengthen the grassroots government.

Locals built a communal house south of Cuc Bo village, 300 meters from the Luoc river dyke, to remember the national hero.

In 2005, Hai Duong authorities built a 57,000-square-meter temple right next to the communal house to pay tribute to Du, his son, and grandson.

The building was mainly made of greenstone, iron wood, and copper and comprises traditional architectural features: a three-door gate; front, middle, and rear worshiping halls; a well; stone embossments; sacred animal statues; and four pillars.

Bui Quang Trieu, caretaker of the Khuc Thua Du temple, said “This temple teaches Vietnamese traditions to the younger generation.

Visitors are introduced to stories of Vietnam’s defense against invaders and inspired with national pride.”

The large, majestic temple complex demonstrates the substantial importance of Du’s contributions to Vietnam’s independence. Decorative items including wood and stone sculptures, stone dragons, lotuses, the eight-sign charm, and yin and yang symbol. All these were intricately made to demonstrate a philosophy of life and symbolize the contributions and power of the Khuc clan.

At the center of the upper worshiping house is a horizontal lacquer board engraved with Chinese characters which reads “The Khuc clan is Vietnam’s justice”. Two other boards are hung above the side alters praising their heroism.

There is a painting inside the temple depicting happy people enjoying independence, together with training soldiers to embrace Vietnamese chivalry and wish for peace and prosperity.

At the temple, there are also three giant bronze statues to honor the three heroes. Khuc Thua Du was sculptured holding a sword, symbolizing his power.

Pham Viet San, an administrator of Kien Quoc commune, told VOV “Local authorities have undertaken many activities to remember the Khuc clan’s contributions and promote the Khuc Thua Du temple.

Since its inauguration in 2009, the site has welcomed 2,000 Vietnamese and foreign tourists.”

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