Hanoi peach village busy before Tet

Gardeners in Nhat Tan peach village on the edge of Hanoi’s West Lake are busier as the Lunar Tet Holiday nears. 

The village is located under Nhat Tan Bridge. 

The bridge’s five pillars symbolise the city’s historic five entrance gates and five petals of peach flowers. 

As Tet nears, many customers have been rushing to the village to buy peach flowers.  

The peach growing area in Nhat Tan has declined, giving the way to the construction of high-rise buildings. 

The peach trees depend much on the weather. Peach trees often bloom sooner than expected if the weather is warm. 


These days, the peach gardens in Nhat Tan are usually busy from early morning to the late afternoon. Growers are always present to serve customers.  

Lots of people come there to take photos. 

Peach trees transported to markets for sales.

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