Fishing boat sinks off Vung Tau’s coast, 10 crew missing

A fishing boat from Khanh Hoa Province has sunk in waters off the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, leaving 10 missing.


Fishing boat sinks off Vung Tau’s coast

According to Vietnam Maritime Communication and Electronics Company’s branch in the southern central province of Khanh Hoa, at around 10:40 am on Friday, another fishing boat told the branch that they had seen the fishing boat sinking in the area around 160 nautical miles south-east of Vung Tau City.

The boat had partially sunk, and no crew were seen on the board.

Vietnam Maritime Communication and Electronics Company cited the crew relatives as saying that they had lost their contact since December 29.

The sea area where the boat sank has been facing heavy rains with rough waves of up to 2.5 metres, posing more challenges for search and rescue.

Fishing boats and ships which operate around this area have been urged to support the search for the missing fishermen.

The boat is reported to have continued drifting at sea with the speed of 1.5 nautical miles per hour. The cause of the incident has not yet been defined.

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