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Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule captures quintessence of three global coffee cultures

trung nguyen legend capsule captures quintessence of three global coffee cultures hinh 0

After carving out a firm niche in the domestic and foreign markets, Trung Nguyen Legend of Trung Nguyen Group on December 6 began marketing its second new product set named Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule with three flavours inspired by Thien (Meditation) philosophy and Roman and Ottoman cultures.

In the context of the continuous development of the global coffee industry, particularly with the boom of single-serve coffee, Trung Nguyen Legend’s new coffee capsules showcase a creative new strategic direction.

Moreover, with the coffee capsule market currently largely dominated by global brands such as Nespresso, Carraro, Lavazza, and Gimoka, Trung Nguyen’s new product is expected to create fiercer competition in the high-class global coffee industry.

According to Trung Nguyen Legend, throughout the past 22 years of constant betterment, the group has developed its coffee products by combining and purifying the best of the three cradles of the globe’s coffee culture and history – Thien (Meditation), Ottoman, and Roman values.

Thien (Meditation) combines spiritual life with the eastern philosophy of “God – Earth – Human,” while the Roman capsules provide the powerful, straightforward tastes achieved by roasting, grinding, and blending. Meanwhile, the east-west marriage is manifested in Ottoman culture where coffee was honoured as a drink which helped expand consciousness and creativity and played an important role in Ottoman life.

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At the launching ceremony, co-founder and director of Neuhaus Neotec talked about the special, difference features of the Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule product

Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule is the first coffee product that gathers the special features of these three cultures, offering them.

As a new brand in the single-serve coffee industry, Trung Nguyen Legend has invested in the most modern technology in the world, importing its production lines from Italy which operate fully automatically in a closed-loop process to churn out the highest quality products.

Fabrizio Brambati, president of Brambati S.p.A – the supplier of technology for Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule, said, “With many years of supplying capsule production technologies for world-famous brands, I am really impressed with the vision of Trung Nguyen Legend. A brand from a developing country like Trung Nguyen Legend which has decided to seriously invest in capsule coffee and cover all aspects from quality to cultural values, creating a different spirit for each product has surprised us.”

In particular, not only making a difference in taste and quality, Trung Nguyen Legend has announced that the new capsule product of roasted and grilled coffee uses environment-friendly material.

If most of the other capsules in the world are made from aluminium and plastics, which can take up to 150-200 years or even 500 years to completely decompose, Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule packages can decompose in the natural environment within only 18 weeks.

In addition, the bio-plastic used for Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule can block up to 99 per cent of the air exchange between the inside and the outside of the capsule, which helps the product keep its freshness and characteristic flavour.

With its sizeable investment in technology, Trung Nguyen Legend has once again affirmed its leading position in the global coffee industry by producing coffee capsules which can easily be stored and are not harmful to the environment.

As a new player, Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule has designed flexible products which can be used by different makes of coffee machines in the market, in addition to LegendEra machines, which were particularly designed for Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule.

At the moment, the three flavours of Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule – Thien (Meditation), Roman, Ottoman – are available at all stores of Trung Nguyen Legend and E-coffee nationwide. It is expected that by 2019, many other new products of Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule and LegendEra will land in the market.

The new set of Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule products is expected to continue conquering coffee devotees in the world and create a new wave in the global single-serve coffee market.