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Permanent Deputy PM Truong Hoa Binh works with Phu Yen province

Permanent Deputy Prime Minister, Truong Hoa Binh highly appreciated the achievements of Phu Yen province in directing and organising the implementation of the Year of Government Mass Mobilisation 2018. He emphasised that it is a very important task in industrialisation and modernisation.

For this reason, he urged Phu Yen province to identify mass mobilisation as the task of the whole political system, while stressing that it is necessary to build the programme and institutionalise mass mobilisation work associated with professional work, continue to strengthen the Party building on ideology, politics, the organisation of cadres, and raise the responsibility and awareness of staff and party members on mass mobilization work.

He asked the Party committees and authorities at all levels, especially the grassroots level, to understand the people, always take care of the material and spiritual lives of the people, continue to renovate the work of cadres and reorganise the working apparatus, to get the job done to assess the cadres, strengthen the patriotic emulation movement and strengthen the mass mobilisation apparatus at all levels in order to meet the requirements in the new situation.