Hoi An community eco-tourism piloted

Cam Thanh Commune in the central city of Hoi An is piloting a community eco-tourism tour model.

The one-day tour will use the locality’s products such as organic vegetable gardens, rice fields and Bay Mau coconut grove along with cultural and historical sites to serve visitors.  


Tourists visit an organic vegetable garden in Cam Thanh

Local residents will act as tour guides.

Joining the tour, visitors can grow vegetables guided by the locals as well as enjoy food made by them. They will also participate in activities to protect the coconut grove.

Despite being a trial, the service has received support from many tourism firms.

Nguyen Hung Linh, vice chairman of Cam Thanh Commune People’s Committee, said that the locality boasts an abundant and diversified ecosystem. In the first half of this year, the commune pulled in nearly 450,000 visitors, up 4.5 times on-year.

Linh, however, added that to date, most of the tours to Cam Thanh are organised by tourism companies which provide package service for tourists. So, local residents have benefited little.

He called on the locals to be more active in community-based eco-tours to improve their income.

Quang Nam Province’s authorities have vowed to deal with tourism violations such as overcharging, the sale of substandard products, illegal parking lots and sales harassment techniques and especially the destruction of Bay Mau coconut grow forest to build restaurants or bars.

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