Vietnam Ranks About 20 Best Countries in the World for Expats

According to the latest report released by HSBC about the best countries for expatriates, Vietnam ranks among the 20 best countries in the world. 

Foreigners come to Vietnam for many reasons: 55% respondents said they take more holidays, 41 percent live in a better home and 39 percent have more household staff compared to their home country. 

The annual average income of foreigners living in Vietnam come at about USD 90,408, thus unsurprisingly, they said they are as happy or even happier than they were at their home countries.

Vietnam has climbed four places to 19th in the list of best countries for expats to work and live, an HSBC survey found.

With an average annual income of USD 90,408, nine out of 10 expats said in Vietnam they are as happy as or happier than at home, according to the 11th annual Expat Explorer issued by HSBC on Wednesday. 

The most popular job for foreigners, especially people coming from English speaking countries, is English teaching. This job earns normal native English speaking person about more than USD 2,000 per month, which is quite good compared to living standard in Vietnam. 

About the best countries for expatriates, Not surprisingly, Singapore topped the list again. According to HSBC, nearly half of expats move to the Asian country to improve their career and it is easy to see why. Expats living in Singapore earn an average of USD 162,000 , which is USD 56,000 more than the global average.

Overall, the United States ranked 23rd, three spots above Saudi Arabia. In terms of economics, it ranked 13th with foreigners saying that they could make more money in America than in their home countries. However, detractors like long work hours as well as concerns over safety bumped the US down to 23rd overall . In 2016, the country ranked 20th.

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