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Team de Blasio really doesn’t want to face these angry parents

Mayor de Blasio’s minions are still dodging parental anger in Brooklyn’s District 15, where they’re imposing a radical middle-school “diversity plan” that eliminates entrance standards and replaces them with racially driven quotas.

The latest shady shenanigan: failure to give legally required notice for a Community Education Council meeting on the plan. Officials only sent notice of the Monday event’s agenda late Friday afternoon. Parents see that as a ploy to avoid a heavy turnout. After all, the key info wasn’t on the agenda posted Oct. 30 on Facebook.

As The Post reported, the District 15 CEC usually meets in school auditoriums, but this one took place in a small conference room with only five or so non-CEC parents in attendance.

“That’s a pretty strong indication that nobody knew about this,” said one parent. “I personally know multiples of that number who would have been there had they known.”

Another parent, who’d never heard about the event, griped: “To think they would have a meeting like this on such a major change is just not right.”

Meanwhile, officials said Tuesday the event had been planned since August. CEC-15 President Camille Casaretti claimed ignorance, then declined further comment.

All this follows a process that’s been rigged from the start, as the city Department of Education stage-managed a “community engagement” process that empowered the social-justice warriors over parents who just want good schools for their kids. Notably, parent surveys showed clear support for keeping at least some entrance standards, yet the final plan had none — not even auditions for the performing-arts middle school.

Caught out, CEC-15 says it will host another meeting for those who missed Monday’s. If they give proper notice, expect serious fireworks.