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Food poisoning kills fifteen people in ten month in Vietnam

In its yesterday meeting of food safety, the administration made the statement. By October, the administration has imposed penalties on 99 units collecting nearly VND6 billion ($257,644).

Moreover, it has revoked hundred licenses of business and stopped circulation of 26 batches of products. It also transferred seven cases to police for further investigation.

Head of the administration Professor Nguyen Thanh Phong said 91 food poisoning nationwide infected 2,710 people including 15 deaths mostly alcohol poisoning and eating toxic mushroom. In comparison with 2017, the rate of poisoning cases, infection cases and death dropped by 24 – 37 percent.

Over 70 percent of mass food poisoning outbreaks in industrial parks and export processing zones is caused by catered meals, said Mr. Phong.

He added the real value of each portion is VND12,000 – VND14,000; there is little nutritional value in workers’ meal. A large number of workers are at the age from 18 to 25; eating low nutritional meal plus working hard will badly affect their health.

Therefore the administration is encouraging company owner to pay more for a portion and build a kitchen in the company aiming to minimize the poisoning threat because of transportation, said Mr. Phong.

From now to end of the year, the administration will pay visits to producers of meat, confectionaries and beverage as Tet holiday ( the Lunar New Year) is approaching and increase information of food safety to chefs of kitchens in industrial parks and schools.

The administration sets up a hot line 043.232.1556 and email: to receive information of food safety violation to handle in time.