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Fansipan covered in frost

Frost has appeared in Fansipan Mountain, Lao Cai Province, attracting more tourists.


Frost in Lao Cai

Many tourists have gone to the Fansipan Mountain in Lao Cai to see the frost which appeared on November 28 and 29 as the temperatures dropped to zero at night. The temperature at the Fansipan peak was at 3 degrees at 8 am on November 29.

The weather in Lao Cai is cold and dry, especially in the mountainous areas. The cold spell caused the average temperature to drop to 17 degrees. Sapa Town has a temperature of 6-7 degrees.

As the winter festival is being held in the Fansipan Mountain, the sights of frosts on the tree branches and the waterfall have become a delight for many tourists. Dry weather will keep the frost from melting quickly and visitors can easily take a photo with the frost at 7.30 am.

Some photos of Fansipan Mountain:





Taking a frozen tree branch indoors