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Association wants to improve Vietnamese toilets

The establishment of Vietnam Toilet Association has received different opinions of the public, including satirical comments, said the association chairman Le Van Hiep.

Hiep was assigned to be the association chairman in the 2018-2020 term. 


Vietnam Toilet Association Chairman Le Van Hiep

According to the chairman, many people supported the association, while lots of others said that it was a ridiculous job.

He, however, believes it was a rewarding job. “Being a representative of the World Toilet Organisation in Vietnam, I have ever come to many developed countries which think highly of building clean, good quality toilets as among the ways to prevent diseases. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, restrooms are just seen as an auxiliary part of houses,” he said.

In Vietnam, most toilets in public areas, schools and hospitals are substandard. Hiep said. “I myself think that public toilets must be free of charge as well as being clean. At present, toilets in many parts of Hanoi charge, which is especially a problem for those who use these frequently such as vendors or motorbike drivers.

“We have proposed that the prime minister address equality in toilet access. For example, hospital directors have to share toilets with patients; headmasters and teachers have to use the same toilets with students so that these managers can know how bad it is to use poor quality toilets,” Hiep noted.

“Many people who now laugh at what I do would understand me later. Besides, there are lots of others who advocate the same opinions as me,” the chairman said. 

Hiep said that many people told him to choose another name for the association, instead of using the word toilet, but the chairman did not change his mind as it is an accurate word which is expected to raise people’s hygiene awareness.

In the next five years, the association aims to improve 60% of toilets in localities nationwide as well as to ensure that all public toilets are free for users by using money raised by the association.