Lunar meteorite to be displayed in Ha Nam pagoda

A Vietnamese firm has successfully bought a moon chunk at USD600,000 at an auction in the US and would display it at a pagoda in Ha Nam Province.


The Moon Puzzle

The meteorite has been sold to the Xuan Truong Company who donated it to Tam Chuc Pagoda complex in Ha Nam Province. The auction was held on October 19 at Boston-based RR Auction. The meteorite contains six pieces that weigh 5 kg, the biggest piece weighs 2.7 kg. The pieces fit together in one large chunk and is called The Moon Puzzle.

The meteorite was found last year but it is suspected to have fallen onto the Sahara Desert thousands of years ago.

Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex covers 5,000 hectares and will host the United Nations Day of Vesak next year. Many pilgrims, students and visitors are expected to come to the event at the complex. Xuan Truong Company hopes that the meteorite will be a source of inspiration and exploration for students and science lovers and to call for world peace.

A representative of Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex confirmed the information and said that the news would be officially announced once the meteorite was brought into Vietnam.

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